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If you’re here, it probably means that you are looking for information concerning Wills, the inheritance process, challenging a Will, or Guardianships. This site and the law firms associated with it are committed to providing information, advice and legal services to assist you in preserving the assets of an Estate and seeing that those assets are distributed according to the wishes of the person who earned them.

A valid Will is the fundamental tool for estate planning in the State of Texas. Whether through reluctance to discuss their assets with an attorney, unwillingness to face their own mortality or the simple inconvenience of preparing a will, far too many people, some of substantial means, die without a will every year. This failure to provide heirs with a roadmap to follow in distributing assets after death results in much higher costs of administration, acrimony among family members, and sometimes costly litigation. If there is no will, Intestacy laws control the distribution of the deceased person’s assets.

Sometimes, even a valid Will is not enough. Unfortunately, Executors and Administrators of Estates occasionally succumb to greed and engage in misappropriation or theft of Estate assets. Family members can also exert pressure on an elderly person to sign documents that are unfair to other heirs and contrary to the real wishes of a person in the later years of their life. When this happens, you need attorneys experienced in Probate litigation to assert your rights in a court of law. The attorneys associated with this website can assist you in planning for the smooth administration of your estate, guide you through the Probate process and, if necessary, represent you in a Will Contest or other contested Probate matters.

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